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Very high quality infrared sauna with infrared carbon fiber panels of the latest technology and ceramic lamps.

The panels, protected by wooden grills, are placed on the walls, underseat, inside the sauna there is in fact a seat bench, and on the floor, they quickly heat the room and radiate the heat evenly.The ceramic lamps, on the other hand, increase and keep the internal temperature stable.

The sauna is lined both internally and externally in Canadian Hemlock wood.This type of wood is generally odorless and resin free, has a very regular and uniform structure.It is worked easily and with good results, so it is often used for indoor furniture, as in the case of the New2-V Lux infrared sauna.
All the walls of the sauna are double-layered and guarantee perfect internal insulation, the elegant door is made of 6mm thick tempered safety glass and has a large steel handle.

The double control panel with digital display, automatic thermostat and timer, is located both outside and inside the sauna for greater convenience in setting the various functions.

During the heat bath you can enjoy your favorite music with the FM / AM radio CD with speaker, easily accessible through an internal door.

The sauna is also equipped with an ionizer for air purification and ventilation outlets that favor its replacement.It is complete with internal LED lights, which in the evening create an enchanting effect, and lights for chromotherapy.

The infrared sauna is useful to combat stress and fatigue, it helps to purify and relax the body, and it is an object that will give a touch of refinement to your interior spaces.